In April/2013 STG joined the Global Giving community, where we can keep the public and our stakeholders up to date with all of out projects as they progress.
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To donate to our ongoing work in Lesotho, please visit our Global Giving project page – Solar Jobs & Energy for Health Clinics in Lesotho or click here:

Any donation to STG is tax deductible as STG’s 501(c)(3) Public Charity status was granted by the IRS in November, 2008!

For individuals or organizations located in Massachusetts, we are also able to accept donations made directly to STG by bank check. If you would prefer this option, please send your check or money order (made out to “Solar Turbine Group International” – no cash please) along with a note with your name and address (so that we can provide you with documentation of your tax deductible donation) to :

Attn: Amy Mueller, Treasurer
P.O. Box 426152
Cambridge, MA 02142.


STG is always interested in speaking to corporate partners whose products are may be used in our work. Our projects make use of a wide range of standardized and OEM parts, from air conditioner compressors and condensers to motors, pumps, and heat exchangers to embedded electronics, relays, and sensors. If your company would be interested in donating components to STG or in partnering with STG to integrate your products into our work, please email us directly at

CSR and PRI: Investment Opportunities!

STG is also offering a compelling investment opportunity for companies interested in Corporate Social Responsibility projects and foundations exploring Program-Related Investments.  We are immediately raising funds of $2M, with the goal of 50% grants to build up organizational capacity (new hires, manufacturing facilities, etc.) and 50% patient capital to fund our first phase of scaling growth.  Patient capital will be repaid in full through revenues from our pilot projects, over approximately 10 years; more details are included below.

The impact of these funds will be the growth and entry into market of an enterprise focused entirely on meeting market demand for energy in Southern and East Africa.  To do this, our team has built a consortium of experienced partners in Lesotho, Tanzania, and Kenya who are excited to take STG’s work to the next level!  Over the next 2-3 years, we are aiming to demonstrate both the technical and financial success of our rural electrification model by (1) training local entrepreneurs and engineers to manufacture, install, and maintain rural energy systems, (2) installing STG-optimized solar minigrids at 10 communities across the region, and (3) working with local partners to ensure technical systems continue to function and revenue generations from energy sales follow projections.  The result of this work will be extremely rewarding:  bringing improved quality of life to 10 rural villages, demonstrating that it can be profitable to provide energy to rural citizens and thus opening the door for scale-up funding from organizations like the African Development Bank, and finally showing that a domestic organization is best positioned to take on the role of rural utility – keeping the profits and job creation within the local economy.

For more information about these opportunities, please contact us at


We are always excited to have people support us directly by helping out. Take a look on our opportunities.