Professional Volunteers

Professional Volunteers

On the R&D front, Laurent Branthome contributed many hours to development of a CAD model for custom scroll expander components and assemblies during 2011-12 as part of an STG project funded by Enertime.

In 2011, Lucas Altic developed the process and instrumentation documentation for STG’s standard 3kWe solar ORC configuration based on our R&D system in Florida.

In 2011, Jeff Harris donated  his time and services as an electrician support the installation of the ORC control room at the Eckerd College solar ORC testing facility.

The previous year  Bjorn Valgensten and Amsale Temesgen (Nor-Dev) spent several weeks in Lesotho contributing to construction of the pilot system for Matjotjo clinic and development of strategic action plans for STG for its future organizational growth.

Finally business acumen has also been of key value along the way.  From 2008-09 Chris Morse, serial entrepreneur, helped grow STG’s marketing and financial strategy.

In 2008 Nick Brumleve also spent two weeks in Lesotho with the rest of the team, attending meetings with potential customers, users, and supporters of STG’s technology in Lesotho to help with development of our market studies and business plans for target countries.